Restaurant Program

As a restaurant owner you have many important issues to think about – customer service, employee turnover and food safety – just to name a few. Cost containment, profit and growth are ongoing concerns.
Moran & Dauphin offers a Business Owners Policy (BOP) that will meet your needs for protection and expense control. Our BOP Program protects you against fire, vandalism, lawsuits and other perils ensuring you keep your business running.
Covering the Basics:
Our Restaurant BOP is designed for a broad spectrum of risks, from fast food to family-style dining. It provides all the basic insurance coverage to meet your needs:
  • Buildings and Business Personal Property Coverage—Provides replacement cost coverage for buildings and most business personal property, including limited food spoilage coverage.
  • Liability Coverage—Insures against bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. This includes liability resulting from the sale of food.
  • Loss of Income and Extra Expense—Protects against loss of business income resulting from an insured loss. We insure your net income and continuing normal operating expenses, including payroll, for up to 12 months—with no preset amount.
Options for Further Coverage:
We offer many options at minimum extra charge to provide both depth and breadth in your insurance coverage, such as:
  • Higher limits and deductibles.
  • Expanded replacement cost coverage for your building.
  • Extension of business income and extra expense coverage up to 18 months.
  • Blanket limits for property coverages.
  • Spoilage coverage, which extends to cover the damage resulting from loss of off-premises power.
  • Food contamination coverage for clean-up, food replacement, loss of income and related medical expense due to government-ordered closure.
To request additional information or receive a quote, please contact us online or give us a call at 315-253-9900.
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