Customer Service

Customer Service is available to you 24 hours a day. To better assist you, we have a full time Customer Support Specialists on staff. Do not hesitate to contact us to assist you. We’re available to assist you Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Should you need assistance outside of our normal business hours the following carriers have 24 hour, seven day a week direct customer service lines.
Company Name & Web AddressCustomer Service Number
A. Central  www.acentralinsurance.com1-866-222-2242
AIG/21st Century  www.aigcorporate.com1-800-241-1188
Adirondack  www.aie-ny.com1-877-248-0555
Autoone  www.autooneins.com1-800-418-3280
Dryden Mutual  www.drydenmutual.com1-800-724-0560
Encompass  www.encompassinsurance.com1-866-430-2916
Foremost  www.foremost.com1-800-527-3905
GMAC  www.gmacinsurance.com1-800-325-1190
Hartford  www.thehartford.com1-800-423-6789
Livingston  www.livingstonmutual.com1-585-335-6794
Main Street America Group  www.msagroup.com1-800-258-5310
Mercury  www.mercuryinsurance.com1-800-503-3724
Midstate Mutual Insurance Company
New York Central Mutual  www.nycm.com1-888-234-6926
One Beacon  www.onebeacon.com1-877-434-3900
Peerless  www.peerless-ins.com1-877-434-3900
Preferred Mutual  www.pminsco.com1-800-333-7642
Safeco  www.safeco.com1-888-723-3260
Utica First  www.uticafirst.com1-800-456-4556
Utica National Insurance Group  www.uticanational.com1-800-274-1914
Wayne Co-op  www.waynecoopinsco.com1-800-724-1648
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